Immutable and undisputed

By November 18, 2017 No Comments

All processes are not without errors. This characteristic is a strong force of not knowing the outcomes of future events.

We are very happy to announce that we have created our draft smart contracts in collaboration with Joao from and have started our first test phase in which the decentralized instructions are now available for our use cases.

The core of the functionality and instructions consist around having the ability to add a business to a private network, to store a set of settings and to attach and store the status of this setting. All encrypted and only available for the owner and addresses that have been granted with this permission in the network.

We are using our technology for serving multiple use case that we are discovering one at the time. Last years focus was our vertical related to privacy due to the compelling event of the GDPR. Other use cases currently defined are :

– General privacy: store and share right of data subjects users
– Over the air updating: store and share robust update manifest
– Autonomy at the edge: store and share trusted data sources

For more information in how we may collaborate on your use case, please reach out and we are more than happy to get in contact.