Give your Business a Clear Data Conscience

Compliance Control

Store and share proof of processing data according to rules and regulations.

Decision Making Audit

Transparent in giving reasoning and explanation regarding the why and how where needed.

IPA Support

An immutable and consistent monitoring of intelligent process automation operations.

Introducing Alvis IO.

We store and share proof.

Having the ability to create a layer of trust regarding machine intelligence and decisions by using the blockchain.

Open up the reasoning behind data driven decisions. Our service is basically a way of guaranteeing trust by making the decision making process visible.

Our customers want to make sure that decisions made are reliable and transparent.

Recover data quick and easy based on permission and control layer. Interoperability through our restful API for registered and enrolled users.

Connect and monitor intelligent proces automation. Get notified and structure the reporting to comply with regulatory instances.

Our customers want to store these resolutions secure, permanent and with business logic attached.

Orchestrate trust based on both policies and business rules. Empower your decisions with the extra ability to act upon ethical rules of behavior.


Let us store machine intelligence to get verified

Improve Accountability

Using blockchain technology as a shared knowledge based system with output and resolutions to help improve the quality and accountability.

Compliance Support

Clear assistance regarding the satisfaction of all requirements related to risk management in a business, complying with rules and regulations.

Reliable Reputation

We help you getting a trusted and trustworthy reputation, creating business integrity, which ultimately enables you to do business with others.


Example: The Decision Making Audit

Approved Algorithm

Add permanent output service and setup the ranges, limits and thresholds regarding the performance of the algorithm.

Threshold Monitoring

By creating rules, the trusted outcomes of the exchanges between the algorithm and decisions are being captured.

Immediate Response

Fault tolerant agents protect, store and route the immutable and encrypted algorithm output based on the defined rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intelligent Process Automation?

The engine at the core of the next-generation operating model. Streamline processes and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Transparent and Competitive?

Storing data that configure your layers of trust regarding orientation, integrity and responsibility on secured and encrypted nodes.

Permissionless Chain?

Our mission is be open and transparent. Events are validated and processed by the network. Routing permission and control contracts determine access.

What About Privacy?

Viewing of data is based on the custom policy logic attached to the stratified data compared against individual authorization levels.

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