Give your business a clear data conscience

Immutable proof giving a secure, original and trusted view on data.

Privacy Gatekeeper

Recover data quick and easy based on permission and control layer. Interoperability through our restful privacy metadata API.

Trusted Source

Use alvis manifest to monitor processes ensuring the trustworthiness and origin of software updates of autonomous devices.

Intelligent Process Automation

Enhance intelligent process automation. Get notified with secure and structured specified expectations regarding data streams.

A device may have many modules that require multiple over the air updates.


Even in a small deployment involving several thousand autonomous operating devices, manufacturers need to figure out how to generate a solid and trusted firmware update process.


The data is authenticated, confidentiality protected and the process is working according too stored and agreed data manifest between the actors.


01. Integrity

We need data provenance, data provenance needs are quite similar across different industry verticals. It requires tracking the history of data and transactions in a manner, such that verification and validation are simplified while ensuring the integrity of the maintained data.


02. Autonomy

If we truly want to empower devices and processes to act upon themselves and have the capacity to make an informed, un-coerced decisions, we need to be sure that the playground in which this all happens has boundaries and simple rules on which we as simple human beings can fall back.


03. Control

By having more control over the encrypted  data being send, thresholds, features used, origins, instructions being performed and or data being processed we can prevent unwanted scenarios to happen.

Orchestrate the corporate goals based on policies, origin and business rules to empower your data awareness

Upgrade your ecosystem with immutable in- and output plus resolutions to ensure the origin and quality regarding rights, usage and updates.